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Ayoung Kim

Debbie Ding


About the Incubator Programme at C/O Digital

The term incubator is used in start-ups to describe a program that helps projects succeed, offering funding and mentoring. C/O Digital's Incubator program is an all-encompassing program dedicated to support digital artistic practices and to provide unique ways of engagement. We aim to move beyond the exhibition as a format of display and look into creating meaningful encounters with digital art.

The program wishes to encourage experimentation using digital mediums of artistic expression. It can take the shape of a video game, an immersive experience or an image: they are critical and strategic formats to engage with digital routines that we usually take for granted. This program provides different access points to the artworks and ways to participate in the creative process. We host a series of public events with the artists to provide a first-hand experience about the making of artwork, for instance, play-testing sessions or workshops.

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